Islanders were fiercely independent, often simply necessitated by the difficulty of crossing the Bay of Fundy to the mainland.  Sheep were commonly raised on the island, and their fleece converted to cloth and clothing. Quilting, often a winter activity, was made to re-cycle clothing, transforming it into new, useful, but still very aesthetic end products. The Bicentennial Quilt celebrates the island’s 200th birthday, exploring many of the families long resident on the island, its historic buildings, and the social and natural history of the island life. A 150th Anniversary edition of The Story of the Bicentennial Quilt is for sale in the Museum Gift Shop.


On display

  • Counter Balance Loom
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Foot-Powered Singer Sewing Machine
  • Antique Quilts
  • The New Brunswick Bicentennial Quilt (1784-1984)
  • Wool Carder
  • Home Spun Wool Blankets
  • Skein Winders