Side View, Back of Museum - Summer 2020

Corporate Description:  Located in the parish of Grand Manan, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, the Grand Manan Museum was incorporated as a non-profit society under the New Brunswick Companies Act on 5 June 1962, No, 745 (under the name of Gerrish House Society Inc.) The name was formally changed to Grand Manan Museum Inc. on 18 June 1974, No, 74-696.  The Museum has registered charitable status and can issue tax receipts for donations. 

Vision:  Broad public appreciation of and participation in the unique cultural heritage of Grand Manan. 


1.     To promote, establish, develop, maintain and conduct a Museum that promotes awareness in Canada and abroad of the rich cultural, natural, geographic, indigenous, industrial and colonial heritage of Grand Manan through a variety of exhibitions, lectures, publications, educational programs and related activities.

2.     To acquire by purchase, loan, gift, bequest or otherwise and have collections of antiquities, natural history, documents, records and art and allied objects of local and district interest and origin and such objects as may be in keeping with such purposes;

3.     To protect, catalogue, maintain and conserve these collections and records within the financial abilities of the organization;

4.     To display such collections through permanent and temporary exhibitions and in such a manner and at such times as may be considered advisable and appropriate;

5.     To act as an umbrella for such organizations as the Grand Manan Archives, and to encourage the development of other such organizations whose objectives complement those of the Museum;

6.     To enhance the education of children and adults in the natural sciences and island history through working with such community organizations as the Grand Manan Community School, the Municipality of Grand Manan, the Grand Manan Tourism Association, and other such local and regional organizations;

7.     To develop and implement either alone or in co-operation with other persons and organizations any special project, program or activity in keeping with the above purposes of the Museum and which enriches the cultural life of the community;

8.     To solicit, receive and hold contributions of money and property for the objects of the company, to raise money by subscriptions, and to grant any rights and privileges to subscribers and members, holding all property and income arising from there from in trust for the objects and purposes for which the company was incorporated.