Grand Manan Museum

Resource Library, Lecture Hall & Meeting Room, Exhibition spaces.

Keith L. Ingersoll (1914-1993) was one of the first directors of the Board of the museum. He was a historian, newspaper correspondent, co-director of planning Bicentennial of New Brunswick, fisherman, Member of the Order of Canada and a friend of many.

Grand Manan Museum - side
L. Keith Ingersoll Wing - Lecture Hall.

The Ingersoll Wing spaces:
Resource Library: Contains amongst other items the Botanical Records of the Museum, natural science, ornithology and history ‎books as well as other Resource materials. It has a service window with the Archives office, allowing the transfer of materials from the Archives to researchers using the room. It also provides visitors with a spectacular view of the ocean behind the Museum.
Resource Library
Lecture Hall: Used for Museum's Evening Program of Lectures and most Special Events, to host a seasonal art exhibition, and is available for rent to community groups. It has a sound system, projection facilities, small kitchen area, tables and chairs, and on site washroom facilities. Seats 100+ for speaking events; 80 with tables. Rates: $50 half day, $100 full day Contact the Museum for bookings .
Lectural Hall
Lectural Hall
L. K. Ingersoll Memorial Gallery: Houses Temporary Exhibitions and the permanent exhibit - The Dark Harbour Hermits & the Story of Dulsing.
LK Ingersoll memorial
American War of
Circular Staircase Gallery: Houses the seasonal exhibition of local children's art and the Permanent Harry Greene Exhibit at its base.
Children's Art
Harry Greene
Geology Exhibit - new home of our permanent (and very popular) Geology of Grand Manan Exhibit.
Geology display
One of many
                                                  explanatory wall
                                                  exhibits in the
                                                  Geology Room