Grand Manan Museum


The kitchen is the most important room in a Grand Manan home- ours is set in the late 1920s before electricity came to the island in Christmas 1929.

Associated with the installation is a textile exhibit (loom, spinning wheel, antique quilts, and the New brunswick Bicentennial Quilt (1784-1984) produced by the Grand Manan Genealogical Society, as well as a unique, original post office in a desk, all from a similar time period.

1929 Kitchen
Grand Manan Kitchen - heart of the home.

About the Collection:
The room developed from a rapidly developing collection of artifacts donated by islanders as the young Museum was just developing. Everything you see was in active use in a Grand Manan home at some point in time. The kitchen is where the family preserved & prepared their food, raised and educated their children, entertained their friends and families.
1929 Kitchen
Related Exhibits: Textiles - Loom, Spinning Wheel, foot-powered sewing machine, antique quilts, & the New Brunswick Bicentennial Quilt (1784-1984).
Islanders were fiercely independent, often simply necessitated by the difficulty in crossing the Bay of Fundy to the mainland. Sheep were commonly raised on the island, and their fleece converted to cloth, and clothing. Quilting, often a winter activity, was made to re-cycle clothing, transforming it into new, useful but still very aesthetic end product. The Bicentennial Quilt explored many of the families long resident on the island, as well as the life and times around them.
Textile Exhibits
Related Exhibits: Seal Cove Post Office
Grand Manan's first Post Office opened in Woodward's Cove. The Way Station or Way Office at North Head opened in 1865. The Post Office in Seal Cove was opened in 1875 with William Russell appointed Postmaster. The Museum has the original Postmasters' desk and related equipment.
Deal Cove Post Office