Grand Manan Museum


The Grand Manan Museum is a community owned institution that reflects many aspects of the island: its fishery, navigation, history, culture and natural resources, among other things. We have one of the largest permanently displayed collections of stuffed birds in Canada (300 species) and approximately 2500 objects in our total collection.

The Grand Manan Archives, housed within the Museum, is a joint project of the Museum and the Grand Manan Historical Society.

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Museum Collections
Museum Collection: from the Fishermen's Shed.
About Collections

Local domestic history and culture including husbandry, and an historic hearse; island geology with large collection of specimens, interpretive materials, maps and photographs; Allen Moses collection of birds of Grand Manan; marine and shipbuilding galleries reflecting the history of local fishing industries, navigation, shipwrecks, ship-building industries and techniques, through the use of marine charts, paintings, boat models, photographs and artifacts; First Nations items and photographs; Second Order Fresnel Lens (1903) and mechanism of Gannet Rock Lighthouse, est. 1831; reconstructed Fisherman's shed and lobster trap buoy exhibits with artifacts from many fisheries.

Approximate number of objects in the collections: 2500


The Grand Manan Archives is operated jointly by the Museum and the Grand Manan Historical Society It has several hundred (possibly thousand) individual records. The Archives has a large, climate controlled vault which houses collections of maps, textual documents, artwork and photography. It also holds the collections of the Historical Society and the Genealogical Society.

Cartographic Materials • Prints and Drawings • Manuscripts • Photographs • Textual Records
Other: "Eastport Sentinel" "Island Times" and other local publications

Ross Islan Light
Ross Island Light, 1900, the McDowells

Whale Cove Fishing
We are always looking for people to go through our very large collection of photographs to help with identification. Please contact the Archives Office.
Decorative Arts

The Collection includes handmade items such as a commemorative quilt, fishing gear, folk art, etc.

Ceramics, Porcelain or Pottery • Costumes • Furniture or Furnishings • Glass • Textiles or Tapestries
Other: items made of wood

Fine Arts

The museum has a small but interesting collection of paintings, prints, photographs

Culture: Canadian
Period: Contemporary • Historical
Media: Painting • Photography • Prints and Drawings
Miscellaneous: Folk Art

American painter William Starkweather's
"The Lady of the Cliffs", 1930.
Grand Mananer Wesley Griffin's
"Southern Cross" (c. 1920).
Human History

Many of the displays reflect aspects of the lives of lighthouse keepers, fishermen, housewives and so on

Archaeological Objects • Costumes and Accessories • Exploration and Survey • Fisheries • Furniture or Furnishings • Household Objects or Domestic Technology • Local History • Manuscripts • Maps, Charts, Plans or Blueprints • Marine History and Technology • Medals • Memorabilia • Oral History • Toys and Games • Transportation : Marine • Imaging : Photographs

Natural Sciences

Allen Moses Stuffed Bird, African, and Marine Collections

Plants and Animals (Biological Collections)

Endangered Species • Scientific Specimens • Zoology : Invertebrates : Mollusks (Mollusca) : Crustaceans (Crustacea) : Vertebrates : Birds (Aves) : Mammals (Mammalia)

Earth Science and Geological Collections

Minerals • Rocks • Precious Stones (Lapidary) • Drill Cores

Paleontological Collections

Fossil Collections